Streamline the Physician Advisor Utilization Review Process

Whether you are a large health system trying to bring more reviews in-house or a mid-size hospital trying to maximize the PA resources you have, it is paramount that physician advisors are given the tools they need to work at the top of their license.

Cortex.PA is designed specifically for physician advisors, by physician advisors to help them be more efficient, communicate more easily with the rest of the Utilization Review team, and be fully equipped for status conversations with payer partners.

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Maximize Your PA Resources 

Expedite Reviews 

Cortex.PA extracts and presentall of the critical information from an EMR in a clinically intuitive manner so that PAs can more quickly perform a reviewAll data (e.g., labs, vitals, meds) can be searched, filtered, or grouped for easy analysis

A patient's acuity is shown trended over time so that the physician can zero in to any acuity changes throughout the encounter. 




Visibility Across Facilities  

All cases which are pending review populate in the Work Queue. From the Work Queue, PAs can see open cases and the status of each case. Additional work queues can be created by floor, by  hospital, or by region.  PAs log in to Cortex.PA to do their review without navigating different EMR systems, allowing doctors to manage multiple hospitals more easily even if those hospitals are on different EMRs. 

The Work Queue is a "work-to-zero" queue, so it is apparent if any cases still need to be reviewed. Any updates to the case are relayed back to the nurse, so phone calls or emails are minimized. 




Improved Peer-to-Peer 

With all clinical data readily available, a Physician Advisor can accurately convey the patient's story to the payer. CORTEX helps  facilitate communications by showing when calls with a peer are scheduled and by giving templates for peer-to-peer messages. Doctors can document if a case was overturned, upheld, or not complete.  All cases are tracked so that any info can quickly be sent back to the UR nurse, and the next actions can be operationalized in Cortex.UR.  

Peer to Peer



In-depth Reporting  

Cortex.PA takes advantage of XSOLIS' robust reporting capability with pre-configured standard reports and custom report creation. Reports can be run for the number of reviews per PA, the success rate by Medical Director, peer-to-peer reviews by month, PA reviews by review type, peer-to-peer reviews by PA, and more. Reports can be filtered by date or workgroup. CORTEX also supports on-demand data analysis, allowing sort/filter on key metrics such as current status, status recommendation, Care Level Score, case origin, or the nurse working the case.  




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