Your Partner for Physician Advisor Utilization Review Services

Our team of top-notch PAs can supplement nights/weekend coverage and/or fully outsource your model.

Our Physician Advisors use Cortex.PA, the most advanced AI tool for PAs

Now your team can harness the same intelligence and analytics - efficient reviews and stronger communication are within grasp.

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A cartoon of a Physician Advisor helping a doctor with Utilization Review

The XSOLIS Approach to Physician Advisory Services

Our solutions meet you where you are: if you have an internal model, we can supplement PA review coverage or provide you with Cortex.PA to positively transform your workflow. 

Customers switching to us from an external vendor find their number of escalations often decreases markedly over time: our technology ensures that only the right cases get escalated. Whether you have an internal model or external, Cortex.PA and our unique service offering can help you across multiple domains, including:


Second Level Reviews

With XSOLIS’ flexible delivery model, cases are escalated to internal staff or XSOLIS Physician Advisors quickly and easily through Cortex.PA. 

Data-Backed Decisions

By analyzing past medical history, severity of illness and intensity of service of a patient through our technology, XSOLIS offers a complete and holistic view of the patient’s clinical picture.

Education & Consultation

XSOLIS acts as your partner in Medical Necessity and Regulatory Compliance, working with clients’ UR staff to make sure only appropriate cases are sent for second level review.

A Single Source of Truth

In CORTEX, key clinical data are highlighted and consolidated into a concise, user-friendly presentation for case review.

Peer to Peer Reviews

We provide a full complement of revenue capture and compliance assistance, including Peer-to-Peer support and Denials Management.

Real-time Analytics

Leveraging real-time “medical necessity” scores on every case, staff are able to focus on the cases that pose the greatest risk to revenue.


As your Physician Advisor partner, we are here for you.

Our services are tailored to your individual needs and supportive of your process - learn more about our approach with the resources below, then schedule a demo with us to put our team to work for you.

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Multicare Health System

MultiCare's hospitals across WA utilize XSOLIS' Physician Advisory Services to support their internal PA model.

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Cortex.PA webinar


Cortex.PA Unveiled

XSOLIS introduces Cortex.PA, the tool used by our internal PAs to help manage their cases. The tool is now available to your organization.

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